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Saturday Morning Prayer Service

(Note: There will be no Saturday
Morning Prayer June 1 - July 31.)

ServiceBrothers and sisters in Christ, we invite you to come to the Saturday Morning Prayer Service at 7 A.M., if you want to have a quiet time with God!  Approximately 20 people have been gathering since July.  You will experience the happiness of starting a day with God.

The program is about 15 minutes. It is done in English and Korean. After the service, you will pray on your own while music plays.  Coffee/refreshment time is very enjoyable too. 

Stephen Ministers Are Available

Stephen Ministers are available to help people get through tough times anytime of year. Please call Diana Toillion 625-1875 or Karen Cabral 623-1596 if you are in need of care.




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The Church of the Open Doors

Mililani Presby Church HOW TO FIND US

95-410 Kuahelani Ave, Mililani, HI 96789
(808) 623-6663

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Sunday Mornings at our Church

Mililani Presby Church SUNDAY MORNINGS
9:00 - 10:00 AM (English)
10:30 - 11:30 (Korean)

Sunday School

10:30 AM - for all ages

Mililani Presby Church Preschool
Mililani Presby Church

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Regular Happenings

Important Dates

November 22


Begin collecting
November 8th

Rehearsals begin November 8

Leilehua Golf Club
Sunday, December 6 at 5:30 p.m.

Mililani Church

Special Christmas Baskets

Coming to a Lanai near you
December 6, 2015

Christmas Baskets for members who aren't able to attend services - On Dec 6, tables will be set up on the lanai with baskets for Christmas, along   with cards for you to sign. This is a wonderful way for us to stay connected   to those we don't see very often and for them to feel included at MPC   even if they aren't able to attend. If you have an idea for a craft, baked   goods or a purchased item, please consider contributing. So far there are   5 baskets to be prepared which the Deacons will then deliver. This is a   meaningful opportunity to reach out and show we care.

Please see your   Deacon or contact Cheryl Horton if you can help or have any questions.
Thank you for helping make this MPC tradition a success.

Mililani Church

MPC's Adult
Christmas Dinner

December 6 @ 5:30 p.m
Leilehua Golf Course

You are cordially invited
to attend MPC's Christmas
Dinner and party.

Carved Prime Rib w/ Au Jus

Sauteed Mahi Mahi w/ Fire Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Roasted Herb Chicken
w/Brown Gravy

Garlic Butter Mashed Potatoes

Vegetable Du Jour

Assorted Salads

Assorted Desserts

This festive evening will only cost $25.00. Please bring a $10 exchange gift and mark it "man" or "woman" or   "generic". There's always lots of fun with music, games and prizes.

We will have sign-ups on the church lanai after morning worship   beginning Nov 15. Childcare will be provided at church for a nominal fee of $5 per child, with a $10 maximum per family. Reservations are required for childcare services.

Mililani Church

Calling all Actors and Singers!!
2015 Christmas Pageant

The Christmas season is just around the corner and we will be planning and preparing for   our Christmas Pageant.   We will begin rehearsals November 8 during Children's Church and we will begin rehearsals during Sunday School November 22,
29 &   December 6.

All children and youth are invited to participate.

We are in need of angels, shepherds, wise men, a donkey, sheep,   Mary & Joseph. We will also need a Baby Jesus!

Mililani Church

Stephen Ministers
Are Here to Help

Stressful times come to all of us sometime during our lives. If you could use a "listening ear", we have Stephen Ministers especially trained to be   "one-on-one" caregivers.

These wonderful people have received over 50 hours of training in such subjects as loss of a loved one, difficult relationships, illness, aging, hospitalization, pregnancy, loss of a job – just to name a few. Skills they learn are in listening, giving distinctively Christian care (which might   involve prayer or scripture), assertiveness training, expressing feelings and when to refer to a professional.

If you could use some care or are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister in the future please call Diana Toillion 625-1875, Karen Cabral 623-1596, or Pastor Ron 623-6663.


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Meet Stephanie Ching

Aloha Everyone.

This month we highlight Stephanie Ching as our Deacon for the Red   District. Stephanie has been a member of MPC for many years and has served as a   Deacon before. She has been our meals coordinator for some time now. Her   willingness to offer help at a moment's notice and her friendly manner make her a wonderful addition to the Board of Deacons. She, along with members of her Red   District, will be serving fellowship in November.

Here is her interview:

I was born and raised in Nurnberg, Germany by German parents. I would still   be there if it weren't for my American stepdad. We left Germany when I was 11   years old to go to Dallas (Headquarters for AAFES) where I learned my   English.

Then we came to Hawaii where I met Darrell during our last year here   (just in time). Darrell and I have been married for 36 years! Our daughter, Nicole is 22 now and has been coming to MPC since she was three. It's been such a great environment for her to grow up in. Our other kid is our miniature Schnauzer, Pepper, who is still spunky after 14 years.

My first job was at   Liberty House in Kailua. Then I worked for Tradewinds Tours at the hotel travel   desks being able to use my German and have travel discounts.

The last 32 years  we have been running our t-shirt shop (Novel T World at Ward Warehouse). My   hobbies are reading, going to movies, travel, taking photos and gardening.

My   Bible verse is John 3:16 which I have done in German during world communion   Sundays at MPC. It reminds us what God sacrificed in order for us to be saved.

Join me in thanking Stephanie for her servant heart and for all she does.

Diana Toillion
Deacon Moderator

Mililani Church

"God's Portion Sunday"
Elder John Toillion, MPC Treasurer

As we enter the period of November, those of us   who were blessed to have grown up in the Midwest   always knew it was "harvest time" seeing farmers   working their okoles off starting before sunrise and   not finishing until well into the night.

My one grandfather was a Congregational minister   in Iowa back in the 1940's and in a small farm   community no less. Every year, starting in 1948, he would challenge his congregation to give both   financially and of their time. He called it "God's   Portion Sunday."

The challenge was for each member to give at least 10% of their year's gross   earnings to the life and ministry of their church.   Likewise he challenged them to give at least 2 hours a week (besides attending church and Sunday school) to be engaged in one of their ministry   teams. I believe if there was a River of Life in  Denmark, Iowa, many in his congregation would have contributed both time and money – just as  many do here at MPC.

Isn't it amazing of how many programs and events a church our size (around 90-120) has? Each program has been designed to help fulfill both our   MPC Mission (see the front page of our Sunday   Bulletin) and our MPC Vision (on our MPC website  -

As Pastor Ron shared with us after being selected as our pastor back in June of 2013, "We need to be a church with "Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Hands" in order to fulfill God's Mission and  Vision at MPC."

Each of us has ample opportunities to give of our   money and time here at MPC. Concerning money,   Sunday, November 22 will be our annual version of   "God's Portion Sunday" which we call "Pledge Sunday." At the end of Pastor Ron's sermon, we will be invited to come forward and place our  Pledge Cards on the Communion table. The amount  we place on the Pledge Card is also called a "Faith  Promise" which means that only you and God will  know what you have pledged for the coming year.

Our MPC Bookkeeper will send you quarterly and   annual statements of what you have given;   however, she has no knowledge of what you have  pledged. This is unlike some churches who track   what members pledge and give and then send a  "friendly" reminder if you're not fulfilling your   pledge.

Since its inception 45 years ago, we here at MPC do NOT track what you pledge to what you actually give. That's why the Pledge Cards you will receive in the mail in early November has 3 removable  parts.

Part One: How much you will pledge by the  week, month or for the full year;
Part Two: Name & Mailing Address for assigning a set of envelopes  and for mailing your Quarterly and End-of-Year Statements; and,
Part Three: Total Giving to our Operating Fund (to pay utilities, personnel  salaries, major repairs and maintenance) and to our Building Fund (we have a $400K loan which we needed to pay off for the completion of our new wing, kitchen and fellowship lanai).

On Pledge Sunday you only need to bring Parts One & Two. Part Three is for your records.

A final note on   pledges – providing your pledge on November 22   greatly helps us assess our next year's projected   budget. Our end goal is to always have a balanced   budget.

And for you who are old enough to remember the   famous broadcaster, Paul Harvey, who would always ended his broadcast with this familiar  statement...."And here's the rest of the story."   Today (10/22/2015) I researched my grandfather's  church in Denmark, Iowa and believe it or not, this coming Sunday his former church will be celebrating their 67th "God's Portion Sunday."

Look forward to receiving your Pledge Cards in the mail the week of November 9 and bring them to  church on November 22. If you're unable to attend that Sunday, you can drop them off in the office or give them to me.

Mililani Church

Got Time?
Treasurer, Elder John

The Tithe of "Time"
giving of our time to help support MPC's Mission

Concerning, our tithe of "time", here is a list of MPC ministries where each can use some help. A good goal   would be to give at least 4-6 hours a month. I challenge each of us to make a commitment, starting today, to   give of our time and finances to help support MPC's Mission and Vision. Know that when we do this,   scripture tells us that God will proclaim, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." (Matthew 25:23)

Congregational Life
(Elders Song Lee & Margie Esteron)
* Needs: Join a Small Group; Prayer Chain Member; Become a Stephen Minister; Help plan one of  our many social events; Host Sunday Fellowship

Christian Education
(Elders Ryan Hardin & Dion Houston)
* Needs: Help at Vacation Bible School; Teach Sunday School; Help with Youth Group; Host and/or lead a Small Group

(Elders Rich Gordon & Daniel Kim)
* Needs: Sunday Service Helpers (Lay Reader; Usher; Set Up; Choir, Praise Band; Sound/Audio Visual)

(Elders Young Kim & John Toillion)
* Needs: River of Life; Food Pantry; "Common Grace" mentoring program at Kipapa Elementary; Alpha Evangelism Program; Public Relations (PresByte); Annual Block Party; Mission Trip

Finance & Facilities
(Elders Patrick Smith & Darrell Ching)
* Needs: MPC Office Volunteers needed to help with answering phones; Attend Monthly Work Days on
3rd Saturdays; Serve as a Sunday money counter; Help with facility construction planning and maintenance

(Deacon Moderator – Diana Toillion)
* Needs: Become a Deacon; Provide Transportation/Meals; Donate to the Deacon Fund

Oversight Committee
(Elders Kay DeWeese & Patrick Smith)
* Needs: Volunteer time and talent (read stories); Help recruit new students

Nominating Committee
(Elders Rich Gordon & Margie Esteron)
* Needs: Serve as a member-at-large to help identify new church leaders (Elders & Deacons)

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Youth Group Activities

For November, 2015

Mililani Church
Please Make Note

11/8 Youth Group
@ 12 noon
✦ Bring your Bibles, and
tithes for Nelly
✦ As always, friends are welcome!

Mililani Church

Christmas Shoe Box Giving

Begin collecting November 8th
We are calling this the Christmas Shoe Box ministry because we are not   going through Operation Christmas Child like we have in the past. The youth   decided they would rather reach out to our own neighbors in Hawaii who are   in need.

The idea is the same though. We are collecting items to put into plastic shoe boxes; see   the list below. We are using the plastic boxes because the families we are gifting to are residing   on the beach in Waianae. You may collect your items in a regular shoe box if you have one and we will transfer   over. Another benefit for gifting on island is we avoid the $7 postage fee AND we can gift liquid items such as   shampoo and bug spray.

We will begin collecting items/boxes on Sunday, November 8th. Look for the large, Christmas wrapped collection   boxes. Just so you know, if you wish to donate but don't have enough to fill up a box, not to worry! Drop off your   items to the Christmas box on the lanai or to the office during the week. We plan to put the boxes together mid-   December.
Items Suggested for Packing:
✦ TOYS: Include items that children will immediately embrace such a s dolls, toy cars, stuffed animals,   kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, balls or toys that light up & make noise (with extra batteries,   please).
✦ SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Pens, pencils & sharpeners, crayons, markers, notebooks, paper, solar   calculators, coloring or picture books. (If it doesn't fit inside, we will tie it on bottom to outside with   ribbon and bow.)
✦ HYGIENE ITEMS: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, Band-Aids, soap, washcloths, shampoo,   conditioner, sunscreen or bug spray.
✦ ACCESSORIES: T-shirts & shorts, socks, underwear, hats, sunglasses, hair clips, jewelry, watches or   flashlights (extra batteries please).
✦ RELIGIOUS ITEMS: Small Bibles, stickers, bookmarks or crosses.
✦ PERSONAL NOTE: If you wish you may enclose a note to the child and a photo of yourself or your   family. If you include your address, they may write back to you.
Please don't include items that are broken or badly worn. Used items are okay as long as they are "like-new".
Don't include war-related items such as plastic guns, knives or military figures. No chocolate (melting factor) or   food items. No out-of-date candy. No medications or vitamins. No breakable items such snow globes or anything   glass.

Mililani Church

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If you are new to the church in the last year and half, you are invited to come join us the 2nd and 4th Friday evenings for some Bible study, fellowship and light refreshments.

Mililani Church

2016 New Orleans
Mission Opportunity
Elder John Toillion

Aloha All –

Hot off the press are the dates for our Presbytery of the Pacific's 2016 New Orleans mission trip. Departing   date from Hawaii would be on Saturday, April 30 with a return date of Saturday, May 7, 2016.

I would like to know who might be interested in going. By the way, after last year's trip I told Presbytery that I would recruit at least four others to go.   Once I have a response to this initial invitation I will schedule an informational meeting to go over more of   the details that I will get at November's Presbytery meeting.

Age limitation unfortunately is that you need to be at least 18 years old. I'm unaware of an age limit on the   "other end" of the spectrum. Just know last year I was assigned to Team 3 – the "AARP" Team.

Mililani Church

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