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Stephen Ministers Are Available

Stephen Ministers are available to help people get through tough times anytime of year. Please call Diana Toillion 625-1875 or Paul Kuehn 209-605-9758 if you are in need of care.

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95-410 Kuahelani Ave, Mililani, HI 96789   (808) 623-6663

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Sunday Mornings at our Church

Mililani Presby Church SUNDAY MORNINGS  Worship  9:00 - 10:00 AM (English)  10:30 - 11:30 (Korean)     Sunday School  10:30 AM - for all ages

Mililani Presby Church Preschool  Mililani Presby Church

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  Important Dates

World Peace and
Unity 10K Road Race

October 8

Mililani Church


WHEN: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - Meet at MPC at 5:15 p.m. to carpool or meet us at the Mission by 6:15 p.m.
WHERE: 101 N. Pauahi St., Honolulu
NEEDED: Food donations, cooks, and most importantly, volunteers to come down to
the Mission to worship with and serve our guests.
SIGN UPS: Sign ups on the lanai during Fellowship starting Sunday, July 3, 2016

For more information contact Elder Young Kim (861-3925)

Mililani Church


A MPC Rummage Sale will be held on Saturday, August 6 from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. for the purpose of raising funds to help our nearby Kipapa Elementary School purchase badly needed iPads/Notebooks.

Due to a shortage of storage space, donated items can be brought to the church starting Thursday, August 4.

We will need lots of volunteers to help with sorting, pricing, set up and take down, as well as helpers at the tables. Look for sign-ups during Sunday Fellowship starting July 24.

Points of contact for this event are Elders John Toillion and Young Kim.

Mililani Church


S P O C U A  World Peace 10K Run
Together We
Cross the Bridge 

Click here to register.

World Peace & Unity of the Korea 10K Road Race Around Waikiki (For more information including the participant's registration form click here:
October 8 (Sat.), 2016 from 6 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Start at Ala Moana Beach Park to Kapiolani Park and return to Ala Moana Beach Park
"The SPOCUA Foundation" is a non-political, non-partisan, non-militaristic and tranquil organization that supports and encourages the reuniting of the Korean peninsula through serene and thoughtful means. Our organization believes the encouragement of athletic events that support these ends will be the future of all movements to bring together all human efforts that seek peace throughout the world."

For us at MPC, this event is sponsored by our Outreach Ministry Team as we see this as an opportunity for evangelizing. We plan to do this by having a tent where we give out free cold water as well as have information available for guests who are interested in finding out more about Jesus Christ. This will be a non-pressure approach to share the Good News. (Note: You can also participate as a runner or walker.)

NEEDED: Lots of help is needed and we will begin sign ups during Sunday's fellowship time starting in Aug.

For more information contact Elders Young Kim (861-3925) or John Toillion (778-3054)

Sports Culture Academy Foundation PO Box 236013, Honolulu, Hawaii 96823

Mililani Church

For information about Stephen Ministry, or if you need a listening ear, please call one of the Stephen Ministry leaders, Diana Toillion, 625-1875, Karen Cabral, 623-1596, Paul Kuehn, 209-9605-9758 or Pastor Ron, 623-6663.

Mililani Church



Verse of the Day

Mililani Church


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In the Spotlight 



WHEN: Sunday, August 7- 28, 10:30 am-11:30 am

WHAT: To Learn how to Communicate your story as well as the good news of JESUS CHRIST in your personal, God-give and non-threatening style.

WHY PARTICIPATE: Because it's what scripture says and it's MPC's mission.

  1. (1) Relevant Scripture: "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19); "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost." (Luke 19:10); As the Father has sent me, I'm sending YOU."(John 20:21)
  2. (2) MPC Mission: To fulfill our MPC Mission Statement which
    states: "To glorify God, to know and serve Jesus Christ, and to live and SHARE HIS GOOD NEWS!"
  3. (3) Fall Alpha Course (Sept 8 – Nov 17): This course is
    specifically designed as an evangelistic approach to inviting those who have questions about Christianity. This BCC class will help prepare us to respond in a loving and Christ-like way.

HOW: You might be saying, "But I'm Fearful of Evangelism."
Take comfort – you are not alone. We will be using tested and proven evangelism resources to help us learn in a fun and exciting way how to"Share the Good News" with others.

Contact Person: John Toillion (778-3054).

Mililani Church

Year-to-date Summary
  as of May 31, 2016

Jan 1 -
April 30
$67,685 $59,715 $66,903 (-) $782
Jan 1 –
April 30
$16,000 $16,295 $15,451 (-) $549

Summary: Through the end of May 2016, our financial records reflect we are pretty much on target for meeting our General Offering Budget projections. For the first time in four months, we projected amount for the Building Fund. Kindly refer any comments, questions or suggestions you may have concerning this report to Elder John Toillion, Treasurer.

Mililani Church

From the Deacon's Corner

Introducing someone who you all know, but who is assuming a new position as Deacon Moderator when the new Deacons come on board in July. We are so happy to have Kathryn as a returning member of the board of Deacons.

Aloha, Diana
I was born in Sebastopol, California home of the gravenstein apple. My folks moved to Petaluma when I was 4 years-old and that's where I grew up. Petaluma< is on the outskirts of Sonoma County so very close to wine country (but left to young to drink it!)

I was the oldest of four children with three younger brothers. Mama, Patricia, was a cosmetologist and dad, Roy, was in life insurance. Petaluma is famous for a couple of things: one, holding the world's wrist wrestling championship for years due to all the boys who did hay bale-lifting in the town; two, being known as the world's egg basket as it produced the most chicken eggs in the world at one time; and three, it is where the movie "American Graffiti" was filmed
(well, the main street parts).

After graduation I moved to Incline Village, Nevada (North Shore Tahoe) and scooped Swenson's ice cream for the summer with some high school friends. I returned back to the home area living in Rohnert Park before moving to Hawaii to pursue adventure at the age of 20. I left Hawaii in 1983 as part of an opening team for a new hotel in Vienna, Austria in Europe and stayed until late 1985, then I returned to Maui in 1986.

Since 2002 I was MPC's Christian Education Director but switched over officially to Office Manager in January of 2015. This year I also accepted a part-time position as a dressmaker at David's Bridal Store in Pearl City (an occupation from my early days)

I'm an avid reader, love crossword puzzles and relax with cross stitch (whenever I relax!)

A favorite verse I love: Revelations 1:5 He (Jesus) is the One who loves us. And he is the One who made us free from our sins with the blood of his death.


Mililani Church

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Regular Happenings

Youth Group Activities   
For July 2016 Mililani Church  7/10 YOUTH GROUP
@ 12:00PM

❖ Join in the lunch on lanai & Erica will call you.
❖ Bring Bible & tithe for Nelly.
❖ Friends are always welcome!

Mililani Church

Calling all youth
from the 7th grade
to the 12th grade!

You are invited to join us for our next meeting on July 10th at noon.
Join in with the others for lunch on the lanai and Ms. Erica will call you when it's time.

Remember your donation for our Compassion Child, Nelly.

Hope to see you there!!!

Mililani Church

Sunday School On Vacation

For July only, MPC will take a summer break from the children & adult classes. Watch the bulletin and next month's PresByte for the new adult classes coming in the fall.

Sunday School Kick-off for the 2016-2017 school year will happen on August 7th.

We will be looking for new teachers for the children, so pray on it if you can assist in this way. Have a nice SUMMER!

Mililani Church

As the PresByte goes to print, we are in full swing of our Vacation Bible School week.

The kids, teens and adults are having fun "spelunking" through our"cavernous" campus learning how Jesus is the Light of the World!

Watch for the full report in August's newsletter.

Mililani Church

Wish List

Items Needed at Kipapa

  • Large Backpacks: (no rolling) book-size
  • School Boxes: 5.5 x 8.5 x 2.5
  • Facial Tissue & Paper Towels
  • Crayons: 24 count & Expo Dry Erase Marker
  • White Glue: no gel or colored Red Pencils & Colored pencil Sets
  • Pencils: #2 Regular
  • Scissors Small: blunt & sharp tips
  • Magic Rub chunk Erasers
  • Rulers: 12" with metric marks
  • Manilla File Folders
  • Portfolios: 2 pockets inside
  • 3-Prong Portfolios: w/pockets
  • Permanent Markers: Black fine point
  • 3-Ring Binders & Binder pouch for pencils
  • Folder Paper: 150 ct., Wide Ruled
  • Composition Books: Wide Rule, hard cover
  • Pens: Ball point, black
  • Markers: 8-pk, washable, basic colors
  • Highlighter Markers: Yellow
  • Recorder & Clip Boards: letter size
  • Watercolor Paint set: 8 colors
  • Binder Index Dividers
  • Liquid Hand Soap & Clorox Wipes
  • Ziplock Bags: Quart,
    Gallon & Sandwich


Mililani Church



If you are new to the church in the last year and half, you are invited to come join us the 2nd and 4th Friday evenings for some Bible study, fellowship and light refreshments.

Mililani Church

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