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Special Announcement
Saturday Morning Prayer Service

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we invite you to come to the Saturday Morning Prayer Service at 7 A.M., if you want to have a quiet time with God!  Approximately 20 people have been gathering since July.  You will experience the happiness of starting a day with God.

The program is about 15 minutes. It is done in English and Korean. After the service, you will pray on your own while music plays.  Coffee/refreshment time is very enjoyable too. 

Stephen Ministers Are Available

Stephen Ministers are available to help people get through tough times anytime of year. Please call Diana Toillion 625-1875 or Karen Cabral 623-1596 if you are in need of care.

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The Church of the Open Doors

Reaching Out and Welcoming In
with the Good News of God's Saving Love

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95-410 Kuahelani Ave, Mililani, HI 96789
(808) 623-6663
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Sunday Mornings at our Church

Mililani Presby Church SUNDAY MORNINGS
9:00 - 10:00 AM (English)
10:30 - 11:30 (Korean)

Sunday School

10:30 AM - for all ages

Mililani Presby Church PRESCHOOL
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Mark Your Calendars

No Sunday School
in July

Sunday School
Kick-off Sunday
August 3.

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MPC Financial Update
From Elder & Treasurer,
John Toillion

You may recall in my update in April's PresByte, I noted that MPC's financial outlook for 2014 was not without challenges, e.g., lower than desired Mililani Presbyterian Preschool (MPP) enrollment as well as some unexpected large building repair expenses related to our preparation for the NAEYC inspection.

Additionally I noted that Session had made some hard decisions to help mitigate a projected negative cash flow, i.e., switched to an all volunteer yard service (Yes, we can use more volunteers!), reduction of one fulltime staff position, and a renewed emphasis on minimizing projected expenditures.

At this point you may be asking, "So where are we now – six months into 2014?" As of May 31, 2014, we
show a net surplus of $41,437 up from February's net surplus of $13,499. While we have another seven months to go, our financial situation continues to improve thanks to you who continue to support MPC/MPP with your giving financially as well as your volunteer service (more of each welcomed of course).

As I have often said, "We serve an all knowing and mighty God who knows all things down to a 'tittle' (aka 'dot')." Prayers offered at each of our Finance and Facility's meetings as well as each Sunday as we receive the offering are being answered. Here are some of the ways:

• MPP enrollment has increased
We are near to full capacity of 95 – up from 61 last fall. AND, per Lani Julian, MPP Director, we now have a standing waiting list. (Note: F&F and MPP are working diligently to have a fire alarm system installed [due to revised State codes] by September which will allow us to, once and for all, begin to use the new wing.) Thanks to the student enrollment increase MPP income, as of May 31, is 14% over projections. PTL for Lani and her MPP staff.

Not to be forgotten, MPP passed the NAEYC accreditation inspection with flying colors which has certainly had an impact on new families desiring to enroll their keiki at MPP. This is another PTL!

• Grant Writing
W we recently contracted with Creative Grant Writing Services owned and operated by Chuck McLemore and his daughters. Chuck was our initial grant writer when we began our construction projects and helped raise some $250,000; however, due to health reasons he had to step aside for a while. He is now healthy and eager to help us move forward. His company has already written at least two grants for which we hope to receive updates between this writing and August. (Note: We are still waiting to see if the State Legislature's approval of a $100,000 Grant In Aid (GIA) in 2013 will be issued. The decision is not expected until after November's Election which will include on the ballot whether or not to allow public funds to be granted to private operated preschools. Please note that we need everyone to vote "YES" this coming November to approve changing the State constitution to allow privately operated preschools to receive public funds.)

Money Counters Needed: PTL for Mari Houston, Patrick Smith, and Shelly Stienbarger who answered the call to serve as Sunday morning money counters.

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In the Spotlight

Commissioning of New Stephen Ministry Trainees


Praise the Lord! We have four new Stephen Ministers who are now commissioned and equipped to give one-on-one care to folks going through difficult times. The new Stephen Ministers are: Staci Gordon, Sally Hastings, Paul Kuehn and Margie Lee.

The whole team: Leaders Pastor Ron Lee, Diana Toillion, Karen Cabral; Stephen Ministers Michelle Emerson, Margie Lee, Sally Hastings, Staci Gordon, and Paul Kuehn.

Please don't hesitate to request a Stephen Minister. Just call Diana Toillion at 625-1875, Karen Cabral 623-1596 or Pastor Ron at 623-6663 for more information and/or help. We are honored to be of service.

Galatians 6:2a "Bear one another's burdens."
We know it takes courage sometimes to ask, but by your example, you may give another person in the future that courage to ask.

Mililani Church

Our MPC Family

The Gordon Family

Bidding farewell to the Oliver family

Mililani Church

Vacation Bible School

Wow! What a week we had. We turned the church property into a Weird Animal habitat. We had over 50 kids and youth attend our annual VBS and many came back on VBS Sunday, June 29 to sing in worship and enjoy in the ice cream social afterwards.

We met cool Bible buddies like Axl the Axolotl (salamander), Fern the Sea Dragon, Milton the star nosed mole, Shred the tenrec (a type of porcupine) and Iggy the Frilled Lizard. They taught us "Even when you're left out… Even though you're different…Even when you don't understand…Even though you do wrong…and Even though you're afraid… Jesus Loves You!!!"

Our one of a kind Bible Adventures were awesome in that the zoo crews actually experienced the stories. The crew leaders washed the kids' feet on one of the nights the way Jesus did to His disciples, teaching us how to be servants. On Thursday they wrote their names on paper and nailed it to the cross in a very moving teaching moment of how Jesus died and how it was for us.

Each evening our Zoo Keeper Kitchen Crew made us a yummy dinner and served it in the Critter Café (really the lanai). Then off to have fun at the different stations. We had imagination station where they did experiments. One night they tried to see if a bowling ball would float. Did it? Yes!! Then off to Sing & Play Stampede where they learned the VBS songs & moves. Lastly they went to KidVid Cinema where they met a special child each day who feels left out or like they don't belong. Weird animals all have a purpose on God's earth. So do children with special needs.

One of our highlights was the mission project "Operation Kid-to-Kid". This year's mission was to raise funds for clean water in India. Many children live in poor areas where they have only brown river water and many die each year. Our VBS kids brought in their donations and exchanged it for blue balloons representing clean water and 'bopped' it into a giant water glass. By Friday we were overflowing and had to go to a second glass! They raised $250.44, but we had a donor come forward to match the funds so our kids will turn in $500.88!!! Not bad for only 50 kids!!! Thank you to all who volunteered, donated, prayed. It takes many hands to pull this off, but I think a good job was done. Many children received the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Well done good and faithful servants!

Mililani Church

Kincaid's Adult Dinner Out

With 33 folks in attendance, everyone had a good time at the June Adult Dinner Out held on Saturday, June 21 at Kincaid's. The food was great.

In August we'll be looking forward to a family type venue.Mahalo to everyone from your Stephen Ministry team.

Verse of the Day


Regular Happenings

Youth Group Activities for
July 2014

Mililani Church
7/13 YOUTH GROUP @ 12:30PM

 Join us on lanai for lunch
at noon
 Bring Bible & tithe for Nelly
 As always, friends welcome!

 If you are 18 or older you are invited to attend
 We are brainstorming ideas to start up a fellowship group
 Friends are welcome!

 Bring beach gear to church; friends welcome
 Under 18s need permission form
 Ms. K providing paper goods, drinks & hotdogs
 Bring something to share (sides or dessert)

Mililani Church

Sunday School on Break for July

Just for the month of July, there will be no Adult, Youth or Children's Sunday School. Enjoy some family time after church!

We will resume Sunday school on our Kick-Off Sunday, August 3. This will be when the children advance to their next grade level.
If you are interested in leading any classes for the fall, please let Kathryn Tingley, Pastor Ron or Christian Education Elders Darrell Ching or Kay DeWeese know.

There will be a leadership training on July 27 at 10:30 a.m.

Mililani Church


Bible Studies

Two New Adult Classes Began in May

By Gary Chapman

By learning the five love languages, you will discover your unique love language and learn practical steps in truly loving others whether it is your spouse, children, teens or co-workers. Chapters are categorized by love language for easy reference, and each one ends with specific, simple steps to express a specific language to your different relationships in the right direction. A newly designed love language assessment will help
you understand and strengthen your relationships. Geared towards the marriage
relationship but can be applied to all. Class will be facilitated by Alice & Patrick Smith.

By Maxie Dunnam

This is a book that can be used by individuals or groups to make the experience of prayer come alive. This six week prayer adventure features daily commentary on a particular facet of prayer, scripture readings, and reflections by the author.

This study will be facilitated by Charlie Cabral.


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